A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Drain a Dehumidifier Automatically

Nowadays the use of dehumidifiers has become popular. Mold, mildew, and dust generate negative physical results like asthma, sinus congestion, heart disease, and other respiratory health problems. Best dehumidifiers absorb humidity from the air and makes the house mold-free. The importance of dehumidifiers is to reduce humidity issues and provide you with a healthy and enjoyable life. If you want your dehumidifier makes work better then the proper setup of the dehumidifier is most important.

Most dehumidifiers come in the form of compact designs. Due to its portable design dehumidifiers can easily be put in any place of home. But the portable dehumidifier’s maximum work range is 250 square feet. So these types of dehumidifiers cannot work in the expanded form they work only in small homes or small rooms.

Dehumidifiers drained depend on the capacity of the waterbody and your device

If the waterbody completely fills then it should be drained if not then the device can not work properly.

You can drain water to a nearby drain point if you don’t want to use a dehumidifier’s tub. To manage the drain firstly discover the drain point on the back of the device disconnect the drain plug that is connected to your device and attach a pipe.

Needed Floor Drained

The pipe that is attached to the dehumidifier conducts the floor drain or another place that’s near the drain hole.

With a condensate pump, you can automatically drain your dehumidifier by following the below methods.

  • Connect the pipe to the back of your dehumidifier.
  • The last hole of the pipe attached to the external pump.

Automatic Outer Distillation Pumps

Many dehumidifiers have some internal pumps so you can drain your dehumidifier easily with this pump.

Functions of Outer Distillation Pump

  • To the back of your dehumidifier fix a pipe.
  • Then attach the ending hole of the pipe to the external pump.
  • Fix the other pipe with an outer distillation pump and put the ending hole of the pipe into the sink or another place.
  • The pump drains water automatically when it is full of water.

How To Put Outer Distillation Pump

Fix the First Pipe

Fix the distillation pump to the back of your dehumidifier at the drain hole. Put the other side into the hole at the top of the distillation pump. Water moves directly into the pump when it fits it in the best way.

Fix the Second Pipe

The second smaller pipe fits the first pipe and then put to the place where you want to drain your dehumidifier.

Switch on the Pump

The pump is switched on and when it is full of water the second pipe starts pushing the moisture into the sink or any other place where you want to drain.

If you want to drain your dehumidifier directly to your house pipe then fit the pipe and disconnect the drain plug. Through the plug back fit the pipe into the unit.


You can drain water from your dehumidifier in different ways. If you want a direct floor drain then you can use the condensate pump and pipe by removing the internal bucket.

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