Best Dehumidifier 2022- Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

You just have done a smart click if you want to buy the best dehumidifier for you. Humidity does not come alone, it brings low in-door air quality, higher health risks, and a lavish habitat for microbial growth with it. These are the reasons why you need a dehumidifier.

Best dehumidifiers

You are wise enough if you understand the need for a dehumidifier and already looking for it. This article will help you to choose the best dehumidifier for you (I believe you deserve the best) and you will know the worth and importance of the decision you made.

Now, Let’s understand what is humidity? what is a dehumidifier? Why we need a dehumidifier? And last but not the least; what are the best dehumidifiers?

But wait, in case you are in a hurry, you don’t have enough time to read in detail and already know enough about dehumidifiers, I give you the options for three best dehumidifiers right here.

Our Top Picks

Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70-Pints

  • Energy star rated
  • Digital humidity readout
  • Auto-defrost


hOmeLabs 70-Pints

  • Turbo mode
  • 2-year warranty
  • Energy star certified


Vremi 70-Pints

  • Memory feature
  • Energy-star certified
  • 24hour cycle


Why do we need a dehumidifier?

1. Excess humidity is a treat for potentially harmful microbial growth

Ever you heard something about the unhealthy places saying dark and dump? Moist places or excess humidity is heaven for microbes. It is all they need to grow. The best option is optimum humidity which suits best the human life. And to attain this, we need a dehumidifier.

Dust mites are in love with high humidity. And it is extremely unpleasant to think that how much dust mites can be around you in a place with high humidity. The earlier effects are runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing and in severe cases, it can lead to Asthma.

Molds are the pet issue of high humidity. Adverse effects of molds on health include allergies, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, cough, and skin irritation.

2. Low-indoor air quality:

Environmental protection agency (EPA) has listed the poor indoor air quality among the top health risks. And the important component of indoor air quality is humidity. Excess humidity makes the air more suitable for pathogens, and less suitable for humans. Many of the potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and insects tend to grow in high humidity- higher than suitable for humans.

Poor indoor air quality has many adverse effects but respiratory infections are worst of them.  It can cause allergies and infections in respiratory tracts.

People spend almost 90% of their time indoors, on average. And 65% of this they spend at home. This is extremely important the air we breathe in for a maximum of our life should be clean, fresh, and healthy.

What causes indoor air to be polluted?

Excess humidity is the key factor for low indoor air quality. Some of the factors are purely produced by excess humidity while it also magnifies the effect of almost all air pollutants, which make the indoor air worse.

Symptoms and effects of excess humidity/low indoor air quality

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Irritated eyes, nose, and throat
  • Breathing issues Allergies

 Increasing humidity level and health risks

The humidity level is increasing globally. Increasing urbanization and industrialization have affected the environment adversely. The environmental factors are becoming less balanced with every passing day. This has caused the need for dehumidifiers to cope with environmental issues.

Humidity can affect your health in more horrible ways than you can imagine, and you won’t even know that its higher humidity level which is affecting your health so badly. Severe allergies, sickness, dizziness, suffocation, respiratory infections, and much more. The regular headache, fatigue, and dizziness will definitely affect your performance for everything you do.

If you or your family members are lazy for nothing, always tired and irritated, the first thing you need to check is your indoor air quality. It might be the reason behind your kids not doing well at study or you are not going well at a job no matter how talented you are.

 Depression  is the worst thing about improper humidity. if you are feeling sad for nothing and depressed all the time, you are inhaling polluted and highly humid air. There is no need to tell you how bad is depression and how can it end your life within life. It affects your professional life, your family life, your social circle, and your love life (hmmm).

 Damp spots  are kind of sign of rejection that a place is not worthy to reside. As they say smoke is fire, likewise moist is mold. If you ignore it for long you can observe mold on walls and floor. And at this stage, it is not easy to get rid of it. Why would you wait for the situation to get worse? You are smart enough to take precautions. Aren’t you?

Your health is important

Health is the primary concern of every sane human. Breathing in good quality air reduces a great number of health risks. Studies have proven that moderate humidity reduces the chances of production and growth of pathogens by 50%.

 Disease triangle  is a very famous term for biologists. It shows how a balanced environment can protect you from pathogens and diseases. And humidity is one of the most important environmental factors.

dehumidifier infographic

The environment is a barrier between pathogens and humans. Now it depends on you, that you take it on your side or you leave it for pathogens.

So, the need is clear. We need to get rid of excess humidity.

And now when you are sure the need is ultimate. The next smart question must be: what is the best dehumidifier. Below is the answer.


A number of claims posing themselves as “best dehumidifier brand” can confuse you to decide what to take and what to leave. I’m making it a piece of cake for you. it took a long search and many personal experiences to figure out the best dehumidifiers for you- and not the best claims. All selected products are best-rated dehumidifiers, on the basis of specifications, experience, and customer reviews.

Note: Water removing capacity per day has been mentioned as per the 2012 DOE standard.



Frigidaire 70-Pints (FFAD7033R1)
  • Auto-defrost
  • Energy star rated
  • 24-hour timer


hOmeLabs 70-Pints
  • Turbo mode
  • Auto-defrost
  • Energy-star certified


Vremi 70-Pints
  • Energy-star certified
  • Auto-defrost
  • Memory feature


Pro Breeze Mini
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Saves energy
  • Auto shut-off


Eva-dry EDV-1100
  • Energy saving
  • Auto shut-off
  • Quiet


Frigidaire 50-Pints (FAD504DWDE)
  • 2 fan speed
  • Energy-star certified
  • Easy maintenance


Keystone 50-pint
  • 24-hour timer
  • Auto-defrost
  • Turbo mode


TOSOT 30-Pints
  • Energy star rating
  • Auto-restart
  • 24hour timer


Ivation IVADM35
  • Peltier technology
  • Auto shut-off
  • Easy maintenance


1. Frigidaire (FFAD7033R1) 70-Pints

Best dehumidifier for extra humid conditions and large spaces

Best dehumidifier
  • Capacity- 70-Pints
  • Area- 4500 t0 6000 Sq. Ft.
  • Water tank- 1.6 Gallons
  • Weight- 47 pounds
  • Dimensions-11.6x15x24.4 inches
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 Product Description 

This product has many unique features. Digital humidity readout updates you about the current humidity level. A 24-hour programmer helps you to fix your on/off settings for a complete day. It is energy star certified, so it will save you from heavy bills. Auto defrost feature is a blessing, this feature in this unit enables it to work efficiently at low temperature.  Effortless humidity control enables you to maintain the exact humidity level according to your comfort level. Trust me, this is less a product and more magic. You will never regret buying it. I value your money and this dehumidifier will worth it.

This unit will turn off automatically with the help of the auto-shutoff feature when the water tank is full. In the case of any power outage, it will also turn on itself with the auto-restart feature when power is back.

Full water tank alert saves you from continuous supervision. you don’t need to check for water level repeatedly, it will just alert you.

 Best dehumidifier for extra humid conditions and large spaces. As it works on low temperature, it is especially recommended for basements 
  • Energy star rating
  • Auto shut-off/ restart/ defrost
  • 24-hour on/off timer
  • Digital humidity readout
  • The visible Water level
  • Full tank alert
  • Washable Filter
  • Good for extreme moist conditions
  • Splash guards
  • Sometimes it gives errors

2. hOmeLabs 70-pints

Best Dehumidifier for large basements and whole home.

Best dehumidifier
  • Capacity- 70-Pints
  • Area- 4500 t0 6000 Sq. Ft.
  • Water tank- 1.8 Gallons
  • Weight- 40 pounds
  • Dimensions-15.4x11x24.3 inches
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 Product Description 

The product has been designed to satisfy your aesthetic senses as well. Along with health, it will add grace to your lifestyle.

Filter in it keeps the air clear from molds, mildews, and microbes. The water level is visible so you can dispense the water timely. 24-hour timer frees you from continuous dealing, just fix your setting and forget it for 24-hours. Drainage is easy, moreover, you can attach a hose for continuous drainage.

The auto-defrost feature prevents the unit from freezing when the temperature is low. Turbo mode helps you when you need quick action. Auto-restart/Shut-off features add more ease. Filters help to purify the air.

And the ultimate attraction to buy this product is its 2-year warranty. You can return or exchange the product within 30 days of order receipt. It is very satisfactory! Isn’t it?


  • Energy-star certified
  • Turbo mode
  • Auto restart/ shut-off/defrost
  • 24-hour timer
  • Filter
  • Visible water level
  • 2-year warranty


  • Few complaints about attaching hose- the screw breaks off

3. Vremi 70-pints

Best dehumidifier for large basements and Living rooms

Best dehumidifier
  • Capacity- 70-Pints
  • Area- 4500 t0 6000 Sq. Ft.
  • Water tank- 1.8 Gallons
  • Weight- 40 pounds
  • Dimensions-15.4x11x24.3 inches
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 Product Description 

This product is very efficient for large spaces. The Unit will save you from both the excess humidity and the heavy bills, as this is energy star qualified and works on low power. Auto-defrost enables it to work at low temperatures. Auto shut-off and auto-restart features save your energy and add more convenience to maintenance.

The 24hour cycle is an unavoidable feature. just fix your settings and enjoy the freedom for the next 24hours. A good dehumidifier, like this one, is not only meant to remove humidity but also purifies the air by removing pollutants. This product has filters in it which prevents harmful material to be in the air you inhale. The filters are also easy to clean. And all this quality and ease comes with beauty. Of course, your grace of living can’t be compromised.

The water level is visible in this dehumidifier so you can timely empty the water tank. And it also can be easily converted to perform continuous drainage by just attaching a hose.

Additional memory feature enables it to continue from where it left due to power break. These specifications justify its higher position among the best dehumidifier ratings.


  • Energy star rated
  • 24hour cycle
  • Filters
  • Visible water level
  • Auto shut-off/ restart/ defrost
  • Memory Feature


  • Little loud

4. Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier

Best dehumidifier for Rv, kitchen and office

best dehumidifier
  • Capacity- 09 ounces
  • Area- 150 Sq. Ft.
  • Water tank- 18 ounces
  • Weight- 2.4 pounds
  • Dimensions-7.4x6x11 inches
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 Product description 

It is small and lightweight, fit to cover smaller spaces like small sized bedroom, kitchen, office, or bathroom. It is a magical little champ. And what makes it magical is its high efficiency in its small size. Its ultra-quiet which is a the most required feature in dehumidifiers. It is very compact and extremely portable.

This device will turn off when the water tank is full as it has an auto shut-off feature. Window condensation will not be a problem anymore where you place this dehumidifier.

It consume low electricity, that means bills won’t be horrible. Maintenance is easy.

  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Auto shut-off
  • Solves window condensation
  • Compact and portable
  • Saves energy
  • Does not work at very low temperatures

5. Eva-dry Edv-1100

Best dehumidifier for bathroom, RV and office

best dehumidifier
  • Capacity- 08 ounces
  • Area- 130 Sq. Ft.
  • Water tank- 16 ounces
  • Weight- 1 pound
  • Dimensions- 6.5×8.5×5.3 inches
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 Product description 

This is a very suitable product to use in office, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. It covers 130 square ft of area. It is extremely easy to carry, handle and to change its place. It takes almost no place and can be fit anywhere, on your table or on your desk.

The dehumidifier will be automatically shut off when the tank is full, and LED indicator will give you a full water tank alert.

It is very quiet with almost no sound and it works on low power. Working on low power means it is great in saving energy. The dehumidifier is available for best price against its impressive specifications.


  • Extremely light in weight
  • Compact and Portable
  • Consumes less power
  • Auto shut off
  • Quiet
  • Prevents odor
  • Prevents microbial growth


  • Little expensive

6. Frigidaire (FAD504DWDE) 70-Pint

Best dehumidifier for basement, garages and crawl spaces

best dehumidifier
  • Capacity- 50-Pints
  • Area- 3000 Sq. Ft.
  • Water tank- 0.8 Gallons
  • Weight- 45.4 pounds
  • Dimensions- 24.65×11.32×16.08 inches
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 Product description 

It is specifically recommended for extreme conditions. It covers a large area and deals with very damp and extremely wet conditions, a step ahead from just humidity. Although it has a front water indicator, it also has an added feature of tank alert which alerts you when the drainage is required. You can also convert it into continuous drainage by just attaching a normal garden hose.

It is energy-star certified which means it is proved to consume less power. Digital humidity readout enables you to know the current humidity and fix the required level of humidity. 2fan speed increases its range of adjustability. The dehumidifier will stop working when the water tank is full, with the help of an auto shut-off feature. It will also give you a full water tank alert when its time to dispense the water. Washable mesh filters extract allergens from the air and make the air fresher and purer. Rolling casters and handles make it easy to move it in or out.

A long cord makes the extension unnecessary. You can’t figure out any feature that you want in a dehumidifier and this product doesn’t have it. Years of hit and trial with a number of dehumidifiers and now it is my favorite.


  • Energy star rating
  • 2 fan speeds
  • Auto shut-off/ restart
  • Low-temperature operation
  • Digital humidity readout
  • the visible Water level
  • Water tank alert
  • Long cord (extension cords not required)
  • Washable mesh filter
  • Good for extreme moist conditions


  • Sometimes it becomes less efficient in large space

 7. Keystone 50-Pints

Best dehumidifier for bedrooms and crawl spaces

best dehumidifier
  • Capacity- 50-Pints
  • Area- 3000 Sq. Ft.
  • Water tank- 0.8 Gallons
  • Weight- 36.3 pounds
  • Dimensions- 10.8×15.4×23.2 inches
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 Product description 

This product has many unique features which are hard to find in a single product. It has three settings viz., normal, turbo and auto-defrost. Turbo enables you to attain quick dehumidification while auto-defrost feature enables the unit to work efficiently at low temperature. LED display, visible water level and four rolling casters make it convenient to use. It will stop working when the water tank is full and the auto shut-off feature will turn the unit off until you dispense the water.

Continuous drainage can be attained by attaching a hose. Dust filters ensure the air to be clean and free of allergens. Filters are easy to clean. It saves energy as it consumes less power to operate and its heavenly quiet. A quiet dehumidifier is no less than a blessing. Isn’t it?


  • Three settings (normal, turbo, auto-defrost)
  • 24-hour timer
  • Energy saving
  • Full water tank alert
  • Auto restart/ shut-off
  • Clean filter alert
  • LED display
  • Quiet


  • Water tank capacity isn’t high

8. TOSOT, 30-Pints

Best dehumidifier for bedroom and crawl spaces

best dehumidifier
  • Capacity- 30-Pints
  • Area- 1500 Sq. Ft.
  • Water tank- 0.8 Gallon
  • Weight- 34 pounds
  • Dimensions- 15×11.7×20.7 inches
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 Product description 

Its energy star rating makes it more valuable as it gives you relief from heavy bills. It helps you to save energy by working on low power.It is quiet because your comfort is the primary concern.

The air filter makes sure to purify the air by removing dust and allergens. It prevents the growth of molds and mildews. The 24-hour cycle sets you free from continuous supervision.

Power break won’t be a problem as it has an auto-restart system. It will start to work from where it left as soon as power is back. With the auto shut-off feature, it will stop working when the water tank is full. Drainage is also convenient. Moreover, you can attach a hose for continuous drainage.

It increases the life span of your households by preventing them from humidity.


  • Energy star rating
  • Auto-restart/ shut-off
  • Large water tank
  • 24-hour timer
  • Air filter


  • Few complaints about water tank spill

9. Ivation IVADM35

Best dehumidifier for office, kitchen, RV, and bathroom

best dehumidifier
  • Capacity- 20ounces
  • Area- 170 Sq. Ft.
  • Water tank- 68 ounces
  • Weight- 4.85 pounds
  • Dimensions- 9.6×14.1×7.2 inches
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 Product description 

It is just not a miniature of some big product but it has been designed to work best in its own size with its own features. It works on low energy which is important feature about dehumidifiers. No one likes heavy bills. It automatically shuts off when the water tank reaches its maximum capacity and indicator light up to alert you. so, maintenance is not a mystery.

Easy to carry and easy to maintain. Advanced Peltier technology makes it extremely quiet. So that nightmare of loudness which is typically related to dehumidifiers isn’t part of this product. You can find all the wanted features viz., health, comfort and peace of mind, in a single product. It is perfect for small spaces like kitchen, RV, bathroom, closet, and boat, etc.


  • Advanced Peltier technology
  • Lightweight
  • Cpmpact and Portable
  • Saves energy
  • Light indicators
  • Auto shut off


  • No air filter

These all products are best to choose when you are looking for a dehumidifier. for your ease, if you want to view the specifications at once, let me summarize it for you. your ease is the all which matters us the most.

Frigidaire (FFAD7033R1)70 pints4500 square ft1.6 gallons47 pounds
hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft50 pints4500 square ft1.8 gallons40 pounds
Vremi 4,500 Sq. Ft.22 pints1500 square ft1 gallon33.1 pounds
Pro Breeze Electric Mini09 ounces150 square ft18 ounces2.4 pounds
Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite08 ounces130 square ft 16 ounces1 pound
Frigidaire (FAD504DWDE)50 pints3000 square ft0.8 gallons45.4 pounds
Keystone White, 50pint50 pints3000 square ft0.8 gallons36.3 pounds
TOSOT 1,500 Sq. Ft.
30 pints1500 square ft 0.8 gallon34 pounds
Ivation IVADM3520 ounces170 square ft68 0unces4.85 pounds

What should be your checklist when you are about to buy a dehumidifier.


I believe that you deserve the best but the important thing is that you must know what is best. I summarized everything for you, including the technical aspects, reviews, and suggestions. Now you yourself need to know how to make a better choice. Here is the key.

Know your need

The first thing you have to make clear is your need. Dehumidifiers are used at many and many places from the garage to office and form halls to boats. The dehumidifier best for RV cannot work efficiently for the whole home or big bedroom. There are different specifications for different needs. After you have decided on your requirement. Here are the options you should look for:

1. Dehumidifier size compatibility

it entirely depends on the area you need to cover and the environmental conditions.

Here is an approximate analysis of the interrelation between dehumidifier size (water removing capacity per day (pints) and the area that it can cover (square ft):

  • Small size dehumidifiers (Best 30 pints dehumidifiers) are suitable for 1500 – 3000 square feet
  • Medium size dehumidifiers (Best 50 pints dehumidifiers) are suitable for 3000 – 4500 square feet
  • ​Large size dehumidifiers (Best 70 pints dehumidifiers) are suitable for 4500 – 6000 square feet and above

The moisture level must be considered.

2. Capacity to dehumidify per day

This is the most important thing to check about a dehumidifier. To check on the specified capacity to remove water per day can’t help in all situations. It depends on the conditions in which the dehumidifier is supposed to perform.

Best dehumidifier infographic

 Moderately damp (55 t0 64% humidity)  = 10 t0 29 pints dehumidifiers (depends on space you want to cover)

 very damp (65 t0 79% humidity)  = 30 to 49 pints dehumidifiers (depends on space you want to cover)

 Wet conditions (80 t0 89% humidity)  = 50 to 64 pints dehumidifiers (depends on space you want to cover)

 Very wet conditions (90 t0 100% humidity)  =  65 to 70 pints dehumidifiers (depends on space you want to cover)


For the area under 300 square Ft with 50 to 54% humidity mini dehumidifiers are best with 06 ounces to 9 pints water removing capacity per day.

3. Dispensing water

The ease of dispensing water matters a lot. Either it is a water tank or it is continuous drainage by hose, it must be easy either way. Now, I tell you what you should check for each of the drainage types.

A. Water tanks

This is an important feature that must not be missed. If you ignore it, it can result in frustration. A good dehumidifier is not supposed to require water dispensing over and over again. You don’t have to rush to empty the water tanks all the time. Capacity does matter to avoid all the mess. Must check the water tank capacity before you buy the one.

It should be compatible with the size of your dehumidifier and its capacity to remove water per day. As the large is a dehumidifier and as the more is its capacity to remove water per day, more should be the capacity of the water tank.

B. Hose

Some dehumidifier brands offer a hose for drainage. But most of the brands have water tanks and just include a point to drain the water through a hose, and the hose isn’t included in the package. But in any case, you should look for quality. Check if the point to attach a hose is durable and if the length of hose is sufficient or not (if the hose is included). you can choose this type of water dispensing if your place allows continuous drainage and you can manage to set a hose.

It is your choice,  which option you feel easy for drainage.

4. Energy saving

Bills are a nightmare! Heavy bills sound horrible. So, make sure that your dehumidifier consumes less power. Energy efficiency is included in the product’s specifications of top dehumidifiers, you can check it there. Some brands have an energy star rating. They are proved to consume less power.

5. Auto-restart

Power break isn’t an uncommon thing. It is a great trouble to fix your dehumidifier settings again and again whenever there is a power break. Auto-restart doesn’t make you do this irritating job. This feature enables dehumidifiers to continue previous settings. For dehumidifiers, it is an important feature. Dehumidifiers with this feature will start to work from where they left.

6. Auto shut off

Imagine if the water tanks are full and your dehumidifier doesn’t bother it and keeps on working. What a mess it is. Spills, splashes, and maintenance issues- all in one. Best dehumidifiers shut off automatically when the tanks are full. This feature shuts the device automatically when the water tank reaches its maximum capacity. So, you can dispense the water timely.

7. Auto-defrost

Low temperature can freeze the internal units especially when it is about refrigerative dehumidifiers. It is necessary to avoid this situation. This smart feature saves the working units from the effects of low temperature and freezing. Some places, like basements and garages, have low temperature, but high humidity. This feature enables the dehumidifier to work at low temperatures efficiently.

8. Area coverage

Top-rated dehumidifiers mention it in their specifications that how much area can be covered by the product. Choose the one according to your need wisely. Evaluate the area you want to cover and check the area coverage capacity of the dehumidifier.

9. Visible water level

Almost all good brands offer this feature. It must not be a riddle or mystery to know the water level. It is frustrating to check it on again and again for the water level by pulling out the water tank. There must be a visible water level that you can easily get to know when it is time to empty the water tanks, by just having a look at it.

10. Alerts

Best dehumidifiers do have this feature. You don’t always have to rush for maintaining your dehumidifier. you don’t have to always think about it. There are many other pretty things to think about. Aren’t there? Dehumidifiers with this feature alert you when it is time to dispense the water or some other maintenance.

11. LED indicators

This is a smart feature for smart people.  LED indicators are used to alert you and to inform you about the working status of the dehumidifier.

12. Air filters

Filters save you from allergens and dust. Dehumidification and purification work parallel for the best dehumidifier. Air filters do purify the air. Must check for the filters if your product is good about it or not.

13. Easy maintenance

To deal with your dehumidifier should be fun and must not be frustrating. It must be easy in every aspect. Whatever you are about to do with your dehumidifier, moving it, dispensing water, or cleaning the filter, it all should be as easy as you can imagine.

14. Quiet

Noise is a pet issue of dehumidifiers and it is not any less than a nightmare. You don’t invest to get frustrated and irritated. Do you?  There are some best dehumidifiers that are good at it. And you should just go to them.

15. Reliability

It is the primary matter of concern almost about all electronic devices. You can’t go to buy electronic appliances over and over again. But how can you check reliability? Are you going to buy all dehumidifiers to check which of them will be long-lasting? Or you will trust the company’s claim about reliability? Do you know any company on the face of the earth which says our product is not reliable?

Here come us! You have an option to go through the reviews before you buy to check on the reliability. Our reviews about best dehumidifiers on based on research and experience. All products we mentioned are best for their reliability.

16. Warranty

Issues and problems in electronic appliances are very common. You cannot evaluate the reason always. One time some parts are not working and at some other time, the whole device is a failure. Manufacturers should make sure to give a warranty for a reasonable duration so you can feel safe.

17. Portability (Includes space-wise portability)

It is an important feature as we may need to change the place of dehumidifier frequently. Dehumidifiers with wheels are easy to move and maintain. And if you are about to buy a mini dehumidifier, it must be compact and light in weight.

18. Handles

Without handles, it is not easy to maintain or move a dehumidifier. Handles make it easy for you to deal with your dehumidifier either for maintenance or for just changing its place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, it is time to tell you about the frequently asked questions which can hit your mind. (FAQ)

1. What is the best dehumidifier?

The best dehumidifier cannot be picked by the manufacturer’s claim. can you imagine any manufacturers saying their product is not up to the mark? And of course, you can’t check all products one by one. What you can do to know which is the best dehumidifier is, make your checklist for the must-have features and go through the reviews. follow the buyer guide for detail. here I will give a key to have your own checklist:

  • Energy star rating
  • Auto-restart
  • Auto shut-off
  • Size compatibility
  • Water tank size
  • Auto-defrost

2. What is the best humidity setting for a dehumidifier?

The humidity range healthy for the human is between 30 to 50 %. An increase above the maximum range point will be a haven for fungi and bacteria and a decrease below the minimum range point will cause dryness. Set your humidity between the range of 30 to 50%.

3. What is the best dehumidifier to buy?

This depends on your environment and the space you want to cover. but on the basis of quality, i give you the list of our top picks.

1. Frigidaire (FAD704DWD)

2. hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft

3. Vremi 4,500 Sq. Ft.

4. Pro Breeze Electric Mini

5. Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite

6. Frigidaire (FFAD7033R1)

7. Keystone White, 50pint

8. TOSOT 1,500 Sq. Ft.

9. Ivation IVADM35

4. How can I ensure the maximum efficiency of a dehumidifier?

Know your product. If the vents are on top, you can set it against the wall. And if the vents are on the side, don’t set it against any surface. Clean the air filters regularly and dispense the water on time. Switch off your device when you are emptying the water tank.

5. Dehumidifier with a built-in pump is a better choice or not?

It entirely depends on personal choice. It has nothing to do with quality. If you are not easy with emptying water tanks, you can choose this option for your ease.

6. What kind of maintenance is required for a dehumidifier?

It is none of the rocket sciences. It is just simple. Take care of some simple things and the dehumidifier will work better for longer.

  • Clean the air filters on time.
  • Make sure that vents are not dusty.
  • Cleaning is the key.

7. Dehumidifiers that are recommended for home also can be used for apartments?

It is quite fine. It makes no difference. You can use the same dehumidifiers for the apartment which are recommended for home, without a second thought.

8. What are the various types of dehumidifiers based on applications?

This simply depends on where a dehumidifier is supposed to be used. There are slight variations in the basic model, accordingly.

Basement dehumidifiers are used in the basement area and the main purposes besides dehumidification are to control odour. For certain reasons, they are supposed to have more pint capacity.

Whole-house dehumidifiers work differently. They mostly are connected to the HVAC system of the house. As they have to perform a lot, they are designed to require low maintenance and they are fully automated.

Industrial dehumidifiers are quite large and fully automated. They are designed to require very low maintenance.

RV/ BOAT/Bathroom/ kitchen dehumidifiers are mini in size. They are portable and their pint capacity is mostly not very much high.

9. What is cooling and dehumidification vs heating and dehumidification?

The cooling and dehumidification method includes two parallel processes working at the same time. The air hits the cooling surface, the air is cooled and moisture is removed simultaneously.

This method is one of the most widely used methods to perform dehumidification. Air conditioning appliances work on this principle.

Heating and dehumidification are opposite to cooling and dehumidification, as the name shows. This process works as air is heated and at the same time, water vapors are removed. The air passes through the chemicals which produce heat and absorb the moisture.

10. How can I compare the dehumidifiers?

I have discussed in detail what should be your priorities to buy a dehumidifier. Here I give you tips and a short key for a quick comparison.

Capacity to remove water per day

The quickest and simplest key to choose a dehumidifier is by checking on its capacity to remove water from the air per day. Water removal capacity can be measured in ounces, pints, or liters. It depends on the size of the dehumidifier you are looking for, the are you need to cover, and the humidity level.

Energy efficiency

It is a must check thing especially if you live in a basement or comparatively damp place, you need your dehumidifier to work 24/7. You have to check for the energy consumption efficiency, if it suits you or not.

10. What are all the benefits I can get by buying a dehumidifier

More than you can imagine!

It is your comfort zone

We all tend to live in our comfort zone. Excess humidity causes depression, dizziness, and mood swings.  A balanced environment brings joy and freshness. And if you are not single, it brings romanticism too. Oh, what did I just say?

A healthy home

What else we can wish for? A healthy home is not enough even if it is all we get? A balanced level of humidity makes your home a healthy place to live in, as it prevents pathogens to grow. It prevents the production and growth of many microbes and fungi which tend to grow in high humidity. You get rid of some typical and extremely irritating common health issues like skin rashes, allergies, sneezing, stuffy nose, dizziness, watery eyes, itching, respiratory infections, and many more. It is impressive. Isn’t it?

Pleasant smell

Who can be so thankless to say no to a pleasant smell at home instead of a bad odor? It is not about personal choices, each of us equally hates bad odors and love pleasant smells. Dehumidifier purifies the air and prevents bad odor. The main reason for the bad odor is the growth of molds and mildews. And this growth is directly related to high humidity. A dehumidifier makes you say bye to both: the bad smell and the molds.

Protects your clothes

Moisture makes the chances high for your clothes to be contaminated by molds. There are many mini dehumidifiers available in the market which you can use for closet, it will keep your clothes fresh and uncontaminated. If you are not supposed to buy a dehumidifier for the closet specifically, any dehumidifier you use for the home can do the same service, if the closet is in the same room where there is your dehumidifier.

Improves the life of your electronic appliances

Excess humidity causes corrosion or rust. A dehumidifier increases the life span and working efficiency of your electronic appliances.

Protects your furniture

Dehumidifier protects your furniture too. Humidity decreases the life and quality of furniture. The wooden furniture is more susceptible to humidity.

Now here is all you may want to know about dehumidifiers___ interesting facts

Terms which you are supposed to know

When you are about to buy a top-rated dehumidifier for you, you must be aware of some common terms which are frequently used. These will help you to understand the specification in the review section. So, you can understand the quality of your product and it will make it easy for you to decide.

Pint: It is a unit of liquid measure of capacity equal to one-eighth of a gallon.

Britain pint = 0.568 liter

US pint    = 0.473 liter

And a unit of dry measure of capacity is equal to one half of a quart.

Quart: it is a unit of liquid capacity equal to a quarter of a gallon, or it is equal to two pints.

Britain quart = 1.13 liters

US quart = 0.94 liter

Relative humidity (RH): It is the ratio of the current absolute humidity to the highest possible absolute humidity. The air temperature is the primary factor.


It is simply the amount of water content in the air in the form of vapors.

Units of humidity

Mass of water vapors per unit mass of dry air

The optimum humidity for human

The optimum range of humidity is 45 to 55%.

What is a dehumidifier?

An electronic appliance that removes humidity

Types of Dehumidifier

There are three types of dehumidifiers based on their mechanism.

1. Air conditioning

The process includes compressing the air or increasing the total pressure.

2. Desiccant dehumidification

A drying substance (desiccant material) removes the moisture from the air.

3. Refrigerative dehumidification

This method includes condensation of water vapors by cooling the air.

 Industries and need of dehumidifiers

Industrial aspects

There is a significant industrial importance of dehumidifiers. There is a great number of industries where dehumidifiers are used at various levels; from the very first step to the packaging and storage of final products, to ensure the high quality.

For some industries, it is a must, no matter you care about quality or not. You simply can’t run your industry without dehumidifiers.

1. Product drying

To dry products is a crucial step in the whole process of manufacturing. Improper drying can cause major losses. The food industry, Leather industry, Pharmaceutical industry are some examples among many.

2. Production and processing

Dehumidifiers are used for production and processing in major industries.  The automobile industry, healthcare department, food industry, printing, and glass industry do maintain their quality by using dehumidifiers.

3. Packaging

The garment industry, fertilizer industry, food industry, and the pharmaceutical industry need to get rid of excess humidity while packaging their products.

4. Storage

Storage necessarily needs dry conditions, no matter it is domestic or commercial. Museums, libraries, shipping, and marine, power industry are some examples.

You must be very familiar with a precautionary statement on so many things you use, which is:

“Always store in a cool and dry place”

You have been reading this all your life on your food items and medicines. Hmmm?

How it can help various industries

1. Food processing industry

This is one of the largest industries and as food is a primary human need, it always will be a major industry.

There is a higher number of foods that are wasted during processing and a great number of difficulties industrialists and workers face in processing due to humidity.

Confectionery foods (Foods that contain sugars) face a great problem due to humidity. It affects the process on various levels. Sugar containing foods are hygroscopic in nature. When the moisture interferes with them, they become sticky with machinery and wrapping material.

It affects product quality too, which includes:

  • Change in structure
  • The products become grainy and the composition becomes uneven
  • Degradation of coating material
  • Change in flavor

These problems can be avoided by eliminating the excess humidity. All the steps of production require controlled humidity. In this particular case, even the final product requires the optimum humidity to maintain its structure and quality.

Bakery products face the worst results of fungal activity which is entirely humidity based. Even some hours of exposure to humidity will not leave the bakery products useable. To maintain the optimum humidity for bakery products is unavoidable.

Meat processing is a matter of primary health concern and it needs to be regulated. Humidity creates severe hygiene issues during meat processing. It leaves a bad odor too.

Fungal activity:  Each of us is well aware of the link between humidity and the increasing growth of molds and mildews. Fungi is a major food pathogen. The waste of food due to fungal activity is very high.

A dehumidifier can solve these issues

A dehumidifier can solve the issues by maintaining the optimum humidity level during processing, packaging, and storage.

2. Agriculture and humidity

Agriculture is the backbone of the living world. Its importance needs no discussion. And the seed is a primary thing in the whole agricultural field.

I am a biologist and I know the importance of optimum humidity for seeds. Many diseases are seed-borne and annually we face a great loss of seeds as they get wasted.  And the one major issue of this waste is humidity and moisture.

A Dehumidifier can help to save the seeds. Keeping an optimum humidity level for seed storage is the best way to deal with it.

3. Electronic Industry

Processing in the electronic industry needs proper environmental conditions. Data analysis shows that half of the product malfunctioning during processing is due to high humidity.

What does humidity do to electronics

  • It adversely affects the capacitance of the capacitor
  • Damages integrated circuit
  • Higher humidity oxygenized CPU
  • Interferes with the printed circuit board
  • It lowers the working efficiency of quartz devices, liquid crystal devices, infrared and laser devices

A dehumidifier should be used to avoid the losses and to maintain the quality.

4. Chemical industry

Chemicals are extremely sensitive to moisture. I had been working in the lab for 5 years and I saw a number of expensive chemicals changing into granules from powder form. Sometimes it doesn’t remain useable. These bad situations can be avoided by using Dehumidifiers.

5. Pharmaceutical industry

This is the most important industry as it is related to human health.  A little negligence can lead to massive losses and regrets. Because this is the hub for medicines and vaccines. This is the source of human health. Ideal standards must be followed in this industry. Environmental conditions have a great effect on medicine. Environmental factors can change the nature of medicine and degrade the active ingredients of the medicine.

You must have known this primary instruction about medicine “keep in a cool and dry place”. Humidity is a primary concern for medicines. Manufacturing and storage both need to be maintained at optimum humidity levels.

Some of the problems this industry can face with excess humidity are:

  • Inaccurate results of lab tests
  • Raw material deterioration
  • Agglomeration
  • Uneven and imbalanced distribution of components
  • Contamination

A dehumidifier is a must for the pharmaceutical industry.

6. Paper industry

Paper is very sensitive to humidity. Lithography, flexography, screen printing, textile printing, currency, or any other secure press printing you are working on, the issue will be the same. This also affects the quality of ink on paper due to viscosity and fluidity. Excessive humidity also increases the drying time of ink. The quality can be maintained by maintaining the controlled humidity conditions by using a dehumidifier.

7. Glass industry

The glass needs to be processed very carefully as it is used in a variety of products. Very controlled conditions are required when gluing the glass sheets.

The various effects of humidity on glass manufacturing are:

  • Low quality
  • End product can’t be attained as required
  • Bubbles of steam
  • Inconsistent production

These problems can be reduced by controlled humidity levels. And controlled humidity can be attained by the dehumidifier.

8. Plastic industry

Plastics require low humidity in the process of manufacturing. There are many types of plastics which are hygroscopic in nature. They must be kept in low humidity to maintain quality. During the process, plastic injections and blow molding machines are supposed to be dried to work smoothly and for maximum output. The mold is chilled to a very low temperature and then components get the required shape. During this whole process, water vapors from the air can condense on the mold surface. This can result in:

  • Watermarks
  • Cracks
  • Corrosion

A dehumidifier can deal with these problems by maintaining low humidity levels.

9. Tobacco industry

The tobacco industry is known to be a very sensitive industry regarding humidity.

Effects of humidity can be:

  • Microbial growth
  • Low quality
  • Contamination by insects


A dehumidifier is a need for this industry to avoid losses due to the waste of raw material and low quality.

The growing market of dehumidifiers

The market stats of dehumidifiers are very interesting. Many business authorities are very concerned about it. For sure, a new emerging industry affects the whole market.

The dehumidifiers market segments are:

1. By type

  • Refrigerant dehumidifier
  • Desiccant dehumidifier

Refrigerant dehumidifier

It involves condensation of water

Desiccant dehumidifier

It uses drying substance to absorb moisture

2. By application

  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Commercial


Increasing moisture content has made it necessary to use a dehumidifier in industries to maintain quality. In many industries, it is a must while in others it improves quality and reduces losses.


The use of dehumidifiers is increasing at home for healthy and quality living and for comfort as well. The excess humidity at home is a giant problem for a sane human who cares for health and quality living.


Large dehumidifiers are used in commercial buildings. Shopping malls and other commercial buildings are supposed to give a healthy environment to their customers and workers.

This growing need and trend had made this industry a very interesting topic for the business market.

3. Regional

Another interesting fact about the dehumidifier market is its regional split. The market growth to date is not even around the globe. It will dramatically grow when it will hit those regions which are not in the line to date. The regional split is as follow:

a. North America

  • The U.S.
  • Canada
  • Mexico

b. Europe

  • Germany
  • France
  • K.
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Rest of Europe (RoE)

c. Asia-Pacific (APAC)

  • China
  • Japan
  • India
  • Australia
  • Rest of APAC (RoAPAC)


The reasons for increasing demands

Rapid urbanization

Uncontrolled and unmanaged urbanization has changed the environment drastically. Moisture content in the air is increasing globally. Consequently, impurities, health risks, and suffocation are increasing too. These factors collectively have resulted in an increasing demand for dehumidifiers.

An increasing need for electricity

As the population and industry both are rapidly increasing, the need for power is its peak and increasing day by day. More electricity is required to meet the requirements, and more power plants are needed to establish. These power plants contain expensive equipment. And this equipment is needed to be prevented from corrosion. This includes turbines, boilers, power generators, and condensers. To protect this equipment, dehumidifiers are required necessarily. This is a major factor in the increasing demand for dehumidifiers.

Future reports

Data analysis shows that the dehumidifier industry will grow by 2 to 5 times more in the coming 5 years. It already has dramatically increased in the last decade. And almost all previous reports from authentic resources, about its growth as an industry by the end of this decade, have been proved to be true.

Competition within the dehumidifier manufacturing industry

As demand has increased, competition has increased as well. Now the manufacturers are focusing on the innovations and pricing to beat their competitors.

Year to year growth

Dehumidifiers industry has an interesting record in means of years. It includes history and forecasting. Have a look:

Historical Years: 2014-2017

Base Year: 2018

Estimated Year: 2019

Forecast Period: 2020-2024

Leading dehumidifier manufacturing companies

At this very time, there are some companies that are passionately working on innovative ideas regarding the production of dehumidifiers.

  • Frigidaire
  • hOmeLabs
  • Vermi
  • Munters AB
  • Bry-Air
  • Pro Breeze
  • Haier
  • Eva-dry Edv
  • Honeywell
  • Ivation IVADM35
  • LG Electronics
  • General Filters
  • Condair Group
  • AmcorUK
  • Whirlpool Corporation
  • Therma-Stor LLC
  • DeLonghi Appliances
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • STULZ Air Technology Systems

New standards to define dehumidifier specifications

There are two certain features on which the specifications are defined

  1. Capacity to remove water per day (Pints)
  2. Energy efficiency

Capacity to remove water per day (Pints)

The testing standards for dehumidifiers have been changed since 03-June-2019. Before this date the testing was performed under the conditions: 80°F and 60% RH. But since the testing standards have been changed, now the testing conditions are changed to 65°F and 60% RH. It has changed the Pints/ day quality of all products. Because the same block of air, on a higher temperature, will have more moisture to be removed than at lower temperatures.

Energy efficiency

Before 03-June-2019, the standard for energy efficiency was the energy factor, but after that, the new energy factor is an integrated energy factor.

The energy factor was the measurement of the amount of humidity removed by dehumidifier per kWh of energy when the dehumidifier is actively working.

While the integrated energy factor depends on three components:

Integrated energy factor= removed water/ energy used+ energy used in standby and other low power modes.

Humidity sensors

Weather is unpredictable and it is changing continuously. To cope with these changes, first, we need to keep ourselves up to date with current statistics.

The instrument we use to measure humidity is a hygrometer. Humidity sensors measure both: condensation and evaporation.

Two types of humidity sensors are available:

1. Mechanical sensors which are cheaper. These are a little slow. Not as quick as digital sensors.

2. Digital sensors are a little expensive but quick.

How humidity affects other climatic factors being a factor itself

Humidity itself is a climatic factor but it has a strong impact on other factors too.

The cooling effect of humidity manages almost 70% of the average net radiative warming at the surface. There is latent energy in water vapors present in the air. During evaporation or transpiration, the latent heat in the vapors is removed. It causes a cooling effect on the surface of the earth.

Greenhouse gases are permeable to solar energy, and water vapor is the most abundant of all greenhouse gases. These gases capture the infrared energy which otherwise is not supposed to stay on earth as earth emits this energy upward. It is a major contributing factor in continuously rising temperatures.